The Australian Standard® for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708)

The Australian Standard® for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) provides forest managers with economic, social, environmental and cultural criteria and requirements that support management of forests for products and services.

It is intended for voluntary application to any forests in Australia being managed for the production of products and services, whether native or planted forests.

The Australian Standard® for Sustainable Forest Management package comprises the following documents:

AS 4708:2013 is the primary normative document which defines the nine criteria and 57 requirements that the AS 4708 Standards Reference Committee has agreed upon.

The two guidance notes have been provided to assist in the use of the Standard by forest managers and owners, certification bodies and other interested stakeholders. The material presented is based on professional and technical advice for practical forest management and reflects the operational level activities of forest management.

AS 4708:2013 replaced AS 4708:2007 which has now been withdrawn. All new certifications after 23 August 2013 must be against AS4708-2013. Transitional provisions apply to existing certifications. AS 4708:2007 and the three supplements which accompanied that version of the Standard can be accessed from the links below:

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