The Australian Standard for Chain of Custody of Forest Products (AS 4707)

The Australian Standard® for Chain of Custody of Forest Products (AS 4707) provides all organisations in the wood or forest products certification chain with the minimum criteria and requirements to implement a credible system.  This system tracks wood or forest products originating from certified forests through all phases of ownership, transportation and manufacturing to the end consumer.

This standard is intended for voluntary application by any organisation that seeks to assure its customers that the certified wood and forest products they buy are sourced from a certified forest. Its application endorses access to domestic and international markets that seek assurances on the origin of wood or forest products from sustainably managed forests. With the increasing availability of recycled wood based raw material in the marketplace, this Chain of Custody standard also allows organisations utilising virgin and recycled raw material to participate in Chain of Custody certification of mixed products.

Accredited, independent, third-party certification against the Chain of Custody standard provides a clear statement that wood and forest products have been produced, in accordance with a set of clearly defined performance requirements, from certified forests that demonstrate sustainable forest management.

To carry the Responsible Wood or PEFC logos, all products must have a minimum of 70% certified content. The non-certified content, which cannot exceed 30%, must have passed the due diligence process and meet requirements for Responsible Wood or PEFC Controlled Source.

Controlled Sources are wood and wood products which, although not certified under either the Australian Standards for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) or Chain of Custody of Forest Products (AS 4707), or the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) system, have undergone a rigorous due diligence assessment to ensure that the material does not originate from controversial sources. Controlled Source wood and wood products must meet the stringent requirements.