Responsible Wood recognises that disagreements may arise in the management of the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme.

Responsible Wood treats complaints and feedback seriously.  We believe in openness and transparency and welcome feedback from concerned parties.

We are committed to ensure that matters of concern are thoroughly investigated and to improve the operation of the Responsible Wood system.

Responsible Wood will assist concerned parties with the complaints process.

Under the Responsible Wood Certification System, audits of certified forest areas are performed by independent Certification Bodies.  Certification Bodies are responsible for verifying that the certified Forest Managers and other certified organisations such as processors continue to meet all requirements of the Responsible Wood system.

Where a complaint relates to matter outside of the control of Responsible Wood, we will provide assistance to ensure that all complaints are referred to the correct body for investigation and the complainant is kept informed of the progress of each complaint.

Responsible Wood is always happy to discuss matters directly with any concerned party and can be contacted on 07 3359 1758 or email [email protected].

There are three categories of differences of opinion or disagreements that could become the subject of a complaint or a grievance:

  • A complaint or grievance against the Responsible Wood organisation
  • A complaint or grievance against the standard or the standard setting process, the Standards Reference Committee
  • A complaint or grievance against certified organisations, certification bodies, etc.

Please use or grievance and complaints form to bring any issues to our attention.