Responsible Wood Certification Scheme protects and promotes Australia’s unique environments by ensuring a forest industry that is environmentally, socially, culturally and commercially sustainable.

For forests to continue to deliver the full range of benefits that people and nature are dependent on, they need to be conserved and managed responsibly.

124.7m ha
Total forest area
36.6m ha
Native forests available & suitable for commercial wood production
2.0m ha
Area of commercial plantation forest


Source: Australian Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources, 2017

Responsible Wood pioneered the development of certification standards for sustainable wood sourced from managed forests in Australia.

The Responsible Wood Certification Scheme provides guidance and accountability to forest managers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Sustainable forest management offers a holistic approach to ensure forest activities deliver social, environmental and economic benefits now and in the future.

Forest certification provides assurances that forests are conserved and managed responsibly.

Connecting consumers with the sustainable origins of their products.